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Cornell MEng Chemical Engineering


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Would anyone please give me any information about MEng Chemical Engineering of Cornell? Is there anyone who attended this program and receive funding? Thank you.


I applied for PhD, but received a rejection, and was offered to apply for MEng. Since I'm not majored in Chem E, I think that's my biggest problem.

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There's generally no funding for the M.Eng department, although you're free to search for fellowships. The M.Eng program requires 30 credits within the year, and you're generally required to work on some design project, which can often be substituted for full blown lab research if you're dedicated and ask for it. Some M.Eng students move on to Cornell's Ph.D program after reapplication the following year.


Since you weren't a chemical engineer as an undergrad the credit total is probably going to be bumped up to something like 36-42. Still do-able in one year, but will probably take longer if you want good grades and to do good research. There's no set curricula and you get to take the classes of your choosing, except for whatever prerequisites they'll heap on you.


Anyway, the program is what you make of it. It can give you a chance do research for a year in some amazing labs, or it can be extended undergrad. If you're extremely dead set on going into Ph.D at Cornell specifically, go for it. If you've been accepted with funding to another program that's probably the way to go.

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      I have the same story. Transferred to MEng after rejection from the PhD program. I am from India and had some research in my masters from Indian Institute of Science (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3700226). I thought I had a strong application but not to be. What I am concerned about specifically along with the heavy cost that I cannot afford is how selective are they about MEng. Does everyone who is not admitted to the PhD get an MEng offer. I mean they would not expect a 100% strike rate with the offers. 


For instance in India, the best and the most competitive business degree costs 24 lakh rupees and that leads to offers much better than what an engineering degree would. With an MEng being close to 30 L, I wonder if the job centric crowd would give this a chance over say a good B school in their country (this includes US) or another masters degree in chemical engineering which is much lighter on the pocket. I compare the two as MENg by definition is a practice degree.


I want to do a PhD from Cornell but now that seems to be something I just thought about once. It would be appreciated if I could be guided about the possibility of financial aid for MEng. I am not ignoring the reply above but in the congratulatory (proverbial) mail, I was told that my financial aid decision would be communicated to me by 15th of March and since I don't have it yet, in a way this is an endorsement of the above reply.


Thanks for reading.

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