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New, Hi + Questions

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Hi All,

I'm new, and am waiting to heard from 7 of the 10 schools that I applied to, for a PhD in Lit. (American)

I'm wondering if you think that emailing the DGS of each school could be harmful?

Also, have you ever heard of anyone not getting into a easier program but then getting into higher-ranked ones?

Nice to *meet* you all.

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First off, excellent name. I'll have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

Second, I think it is quite common to be accepted into "better" schools as I think a lot of these forum posts can attest to the fact that rank and reputation often has little to do with acceptance.

Sub-note to the second: I was lamenting the fact that a school rejected me when I thought we were perfect for one another. I said to a friend that if I didn't get into that school then the rest of the schools will surely reject me. He pointed out that I've been terrible at predicting where I WILL get in that I will probably be as bad about where I WON'T get in. So far, he's right.

Third, are you thinking about email the DGS because you haven't heard yet? I think the graduate secretary is a better bet (since the DGS will usually pass it on to them anyway). To answer the question, though, I don't think it would be harmful.

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