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Anyone know anything about LSE?

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I have applied to five schools.  So far, I have heard from two.  I have been accepted to the London School of Economics (MsC in Colonialism, Empires, and Globalization) and Georgetown's Conflict Resolution program.  While these programs are different from one another, does anyone have any inofrmation that could help me with the decision process?  Even though I am still waiting on the other three, I would like to work on weighing the options thus far.  The key component for everyone, I think, is finding a job afterwards.

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I don't know anything about LSE, but I would weigh the decision to go abroad carefully.  European programs are set up very differently than American programs and can be a whole 'nother kettle of fish.  I have also heard that American universities occasionally look on foreign degrees with a bit of suspicion, but I would imagine this varies widely by field.  Maybe check with old professors or your recommenders?  They should know the field well and can give you specific advice. 

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LSE is very prestigious in Europe. Graduate prospects are excellent and I sincerely do not think you'd struggle to get a job in Europe atleast. For more information, check out www.thestudentroom.co.uk (UK equivalent to this forum). Cheers!

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