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What's the deal with educational psychology? What's your experience?


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 I have a few questions. Feel free to add your own experiences. Trying to get a fuller view of this field.

  • What are the job prospects looking like?
  • Can you get a job with only an M.Ed or do you need to get the Ph.D/Ed.D?
  • What are some places to work other than K-12 and teaching college?
  • What does a school psychologist's day look like?
  • Does it matter what school one goes to/Is the University of Georgia good enough?
  • Is it worth going into debt for?
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Hi there! I'm a a PhD student in education psychology at UIC. My program involves less counselling, and more quant data analysis. We tend to look at scoring models, evaluations and ed data. To answer your questions:

1) Job prospects are pretty decent - check the Association for Institutional Research site, here: https://www.airweb.org/Careers/Pages/Jobs.aspx

2) Sure, I believe you can land research analyst jobs or similar position with an M.Ed.

3) Education Testing Service, Pearson's, survey companies 

4) No idea..

5) I guess it depends on if you plan to be a teach at an R01 institution. If you're planning to work in the private sector, it doesn't appear to be a big deal.

6) Debt? Maybe pick up an RA'ship?

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