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U of Michigan Acceptances / Waitlists


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So I made the UM waitlist (for Sociology, not the Soc/Public Policy program) and am wondering everyones status who got accepted? Is anyone considering declining their offer?


Also, are any waitlisted folks accepting offers elsewhere? I know I'll find out for sure eventually, but the waitlist wait after the initial wait is brutal.

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I went to the visit days and more people came to the visit days than they expected. There were a handful of people I talked to who seemed set on other programs, but most people seemed to be leaning towards Michigan. I'd be surprised if they didn't get the cohort size they were looking for from those that attended. 


So I don't predict a ton of wait-listers get offers, but who knows. If you do get in, I'm 90% sure you'll see me in the fall!

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