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Keeping in touch with POI's at other schools?


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Hey guys,

I was just wondering whether anyone here has experience keeping in touch with POI's at schools they didn't attend. I am waging my options and feel crushed about having to saying no to people that I admire and respect so much. Has anyone been succesful at establishing good communication with professors at other schools they were interested in attending but didn't?

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A PhD. student in my current program has done field work for two years with her POI from a school she decided not to attend. I've been talking with my POI from the school I am currently waitlisted at, and he let me know that he would be happy to work with me in an informal manner, such as an outside reader for my dissertation, if I don't end up at his school. I know in my current program, it is not uncommon for people to have dissertation committee members from other schools. From what I've seen, it is definitely possible to keep in touch with a POI even if you end up attending another school. 

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