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BS Mechanical to MS Petroleum?


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Hey guys

A little about myself -

1) BS Mechanical Engineering (2011) ( India)

2)working as Assistant Driller in an NOC ( 1.5 years experience by Fall'13)


I dont like my current job and want to move into something which uses my engineering degree more. Unfortunately, the only way I can get a new job profile is by doing another degree ie MS petroleum. I am not interested in MS Mechanical as i want a job in either Drilling/Production and maybe Reservoir. So basically my questions are - 


0)roughly, what are the different job profiles possible after an MS in Petroleum 

1) Logically, MS petroleum candidates with a background in Mechanical go on to specialise in production or drilling right?

2) Coming to the US as an international student for MS Petro, just how limited will job opportunities be in these two specializations?

3) Do BS Mechanical people ever specialize in reservoir ? Does their background count against them for subsequent job searches?

4) Finally, is it true that an MS is only ever going to be worthwhile if one specializes in Reservoir? (Given that a BS is enough for most jobs in Drilling/Production)


Would really appreciate any input, thanks in advance. 

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Hi. I hold a BS and Ms in PE. I obtained my MS just after completing my BS. Then I began working in the drilling department and now it has been 2.5 years since I started. In my personal experience I did not anything different than that one with a BS could did. Last year I decided to apply for a PhD and hopefully I will enrrol this fall/2013. Havent you consider a PhD instead of a MS?

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Hello Everyone

I have received an unfunded admit for MS Petroleum at NMT. Can anyone please share their insight into the Petroleum Dept. here? Any and all information not available on their website would really help me make an informed decision !


Velasquezmora Im sorry, i dont follow what youre saying about your job experience? I decided against a PhD because my profile is not good enough and because i really have no idea what field I would do it in.. correct me if im wrong but as i understand it, its possible to convert an MS into a PhD after enrolling at the university and based on your performance there. What is your specialization area and where have you applied to & heard back from?

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