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Visit Weekend: Good Questions to Ask


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I am soon visiting a school that offered me a lab position and financial aid (yay!)


The main purpose of my visit is to decide which professor I'd like to work with (if any at all). I have two offers already from people I've met, and may be able to get more.


What are some good questions to ask (myself, other students, professors), that lead to insight as to whether the professor would be a good fit?


Off the top of my head:


1) Research project/areas (duh!)


2) If assistant prof, when s/he's up for tenure (I'd hate to lose my PI midway through the PhD)


3) What past students are up to these days


4) Quals and how hard are they




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The degree of flexibility provided to students on pursuing their specific interests - especially early in the program.


Opportunities to collaborate with other departments / programs  faculty wthin the University


The collaborative network of the POI outside the University

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