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Chemistry, UIUC vs UVA


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Wondering if anyone has any information they care to share about the phd chemistry programs at these two schools? I got into these two programs and so I'm trying to figure out which I should accept. I'm looking at doing astrochemistry specifically. UIUC is ranked much higher in chemistry but has only one professor I would want to work with, and even though this might not be important to some people, I'm worried about living in urbana champaign for 5+ years. I know I will be working almost non stop, but to me environment is important and I just don't care to live in urbana illinois. 


UVA is not as highly ranked in chemistry, but they have multiple professors doing astrochemistry and I love the area. I see myself being happier in Charlottesville, but I'm not sure if I should go to UIUC just for its reputation in chemistry. 


Not sure. Any thoughts or insight? 




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