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U of Miami (MAIA) vs. Kings College London for MA IR


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I know, I know... I probably couldn't have picked two more different universities :lol:

But I would love some input on which university/program you would go for? I've been accepted to Miami for International Administration and Kings College London for International Relations, both MA.

I've actually retrieved a lot information on Kings College - lots of reviews, rankings, opinions, etc. but I can't seem to find anything about MAIA. I'm actually intrigued by the MAIA cirriculum - Kings obviously has a better name, however, and the MA is only a year.


Anyone have any thoughts? Please feel free to share! :D

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I applied to Kings as well. It's a really solid school with some unique curriculum choices. As I'm sure you've seen, Kings's strength seems to be in its War Studies department, so I think if you were looking to study conflict, KCL is the clear winner. It's also in a really excellent (but somewhat pricey) part of London. And London would really be an experience in terms of connections and career resources, etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of Miami's program, bur I hope this helped a little!

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Yes that's what I've heard as well. I seem to be leaning strongly towards London, accepted at Kings and still awaiting word on LSE. What program did you apply for at Kings BTW?

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