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Ohio State (EE, but all are welcome to respond)


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My husband applied and was accepted to Ohio State back in January. We were informed last week he has received a fellowship- but we haven't received the official funding offer yet.


We'll be visiting next month (he wasn't able to make it during the assigned visiting weekend). I was wondering if you could tell me why you chose to apply to Ohio State. What you like about it.


So far, we like their commitment to their students. My husband has been contacted by different parts of their team every week since January. We like the frequent updates. It lets us know they care. We obtained our undergrad at a small university, and know that Ohio is rather large but has a small university-feel in my husband's field of interest.


It is also a lot more family-friendly than other universities we have encountered. We are also LDS and the fact that the university is near a temple is a bonus for our family. The cost of living doesn't hurt either!


What about you? Why do you like Ohio State?

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