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UT Austin?!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes! It looks like a few people (besides myself) have received responses: http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=UT+Austin+information&t=a&o=&pp=25


However, I'm still clueless about funding. Do I assume I didn't receive any if they didn't mention it in the Email? Or do I pester the grad coordinator, like many other students from the program have? I know this is none of your concern, but if you do receive an answer soon at least you're informed that some people are still waiting to hear about funding.

Best of luck and I hope you get the answer you're looking for!


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Hey erew, 


Judging by the response listings from previous years, it looks like they could be sending out admissions and/or funding decisions as late as March. I received acceptance a couple of weeks ago, but no word on funding yet. In Fall 2013 topic someone mentioned funding offers were due to go out in early April. Sigh, it's never-ending.  :blink:


Hope you hear back soon, and with good news!

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I finally gave in and Emailed the grad coordinator; she said it could come as late as the first week of April. :-/ But on the brighter side, she said I'd still be eligible for federal funding, despite their website saying FAFSA consideration was due 3/15. Nevertheless, I'm not too happy because while I'd like to pretend money's not an issue, it is, especially with other offers to consider.


Someone wrote that they received their letter of funding via snailmail a few weeks after receiving an acceptance Email; I'm giving Austin til 4/1 to decide whether they want to share funding information with me, otherwise I'm choosing another program that fits just as well.


Best of luck with funding!


PS: I'm from Oregon too, I moved to Chicago for my undergrad. It sucks there aren't any good programs out that way (unless you're trying to leave). ;-)

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Well, that's good news about FAFSA. Money is definitely a major consideration, but I was doing the math yesterday, and UT is actually looking like one of the cheaper schools (at least in my case). Tuition is incremental, so for a 9-credit semester, it's *only* something like $8,000. I am not really expecting any funding other than federal. 


I'm actually from Connecticut, just working in Portland right now. I love it here, and agree it's a bummer there are no programs around here (although UW is a good one). I hear Austin has a similar vibe.  ;)

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