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EE PHD Fall 2013


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Please share your decision results if you have applied any of the following schools I have applied to:


Applied: Stanford,Harvard,USSD,USC,Columbia,UPenn,Yale

Accepted: USC

Rejected: Stanford


Waiting to hear from other schools

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hii was told by POI that he is recommending me for fellowship at UCSD. haven't heard anything ... 

same goes with Columbia and UCLA ... May be they finally decided to reject my application or admissions are delayed this year ... No idea what's going on!!!

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Applied: Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, Penn, CMU

Accepted: Berkeley, Cornell, CMU

Rejected: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard (wl)

No idea: Penn


To those accepted by Berkeley, did you get anything in the mail yet?

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Alecp - can you please tell me when did you hear back from Harvard? I am still waiting and have not heard from Harvard and Upenn.

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Got rejected by Yale, I applied here as a safety! Still no word from Columbia, Harvard, UPenn or UCSD. Anyone heard from these schools?


Yale's such a tiny program that it's hard to call it a safety school (lack of spots), even if it's ranking is in the toilet.

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