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Language Exchange Partners?


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Hi all,

Just wondered who speaks to native speakers of the languages you're learning (Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian etc.) to practise and learn the language that way?


I'm currently using http://www.easylanguageexchange.com to find language partners and have made a lot of great friends on there, everyone's really friendly and is a real confidence booster - is anybody else on there?


Thought this might be useful; in my experience practising and learning languages with native speakers is much better than reading a book etc.


What do you think?

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Hi Rebecca,


I believe what you say is true it helps for confidence booster and to learn the daily language however for graduate studies and maybe even before one has to learn different register and build up a wide vocabulary which goes beyond the everyday language or idiomatic expressions.


So a structures course with someone who is actually trained to explain the own language has an important role we cannot with simple conversations and explanation however it does HELP!


this is just my humble opinion even if i am in the field of "teaching and learning"


Bye :-)

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sounds like good... though that really varies from different individuals and their preferences... BTW, do you interested in exchange with me? You can get my skype and we can try out sth...

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