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I saw two acceptances to Harvard masters program on the survey. I haven't gotten any mail, neither snail or electronic, regarding a decision. Wondering if you guys know if the ones that have been accepted can see it on the ApplyYourself website or not? And when do they send out reject letters? :s




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I'm waiting for my letter too. I remember seeing somewhere on the Harvard website that they do not post decisions online or give them via phone - so I think you'll have to wait for the letter!


Are you an international applicant? It could take longer for their letter to reach you...

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Yup, I'm an international applicant. Hopefully a letter is on it's way. I noticed that in the last few years they have posted decisions much later in March so I originally thought the Harvard masters submissions were fake... But I don't know, probably they're just earlier this year. I haven't been very optimistic for a Harvard admit anyway since they seem to only admit about 3-4 people to the masters program a year.

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I don't think they're fake - I PMed one of the other board users who applied there and he got an acceptance, so I think one of those must have been his. There is a new dean of SEAS this year - so perhaps the admissions procedure has changed.


Likewise - not optimistic at all.

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