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UNC MSW?????


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I applied, too, but haven't heard back yet ... a friend wrote the admissions office to get a better idea of a timeline and this was the response:

Every effort is made to notify Advanced Standing applicants by

March 15th. All decisions for full and part-time programs are made

progressively from February 15th to May 15th. After going through a

review process, the School of Social Work makes a recommendation

to the Graduate School, they make the final decision and mail the letters.

I saw that someone in the results section had been rejected via email yesterday, but I didn't hear anything and don't even know whether I should be expecting an email or a letter in the mailbox. Good luck waiting!

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Yeah, that was my post. I didn't apply as advanced standing, so am not sure if there is a different time line as far as acceptances are concerned. I know that they have sent recommendations to the grad school already, and the grad school is sending out the letters now. I got the decision early by emailing them and asking for it. REJECTED. Really disappointed, because I had great marks, great recs., and a good deal of experience, but not even waitlisted. Also, before you get your hopes up, I know that due to the economy the school is cutting back on its acceptances this year. According to the article I read, by doing this the people who are accepted receive enough funding. This is a little ridiculous, in my opinion, because a lot of deserving applicants are left with nothing, but oh well. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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