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Funding vs No-Funding


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As I sit here and wait to find out if any of the schools I have been accepted to are going to offer funding I began to wonder...What would I do if there was no money? :( Would I still go and try to at least fund the first year myself? I mean after all the money spent on apps and the heartache of the wait, could I just quit and try again next year? :cry: (which might not turn out any better or worse with no offers of acceptance)

I am still debating....What about some of you? I know there are a some who are still waiting like myself. What if none of the schools offered money? What would you do?

I'm not trying to freak anyone out. :wink: Just looking at worst case scenarios.

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Do not quit just because funding isn't available THIS year, but with that said, if I was in your shoes I would devote time to researching potential schools and what has been recently been publicized about their current state of affairs/budgets before making any decision. For example, one of the programs that I have applied to typically only accepts as many students they think they will be able to give at least partial funding to. This year they were actually considering not taking any grad students because the projected college budget was not only going to cut funding to incoming grad students but also grad students already in the program.

Secondly, I would look into the economy of the immediate area surrounding these schools. Is unemployment high? Would you be able to get a job waiting tables (or whatever) to minimize what you would need to take out in loans? What about the cost of housing (e.g. is there housing for grads on campus/near campus and at what cost). Is public transportation available to help defray expenses of a vehicle?

Finally, talk to grad students already in the program at these schools. While you may need to take everything they say with a grain of salt (either they are trying to sell you the program, or alternatively, feel competitive with other students), they are usually the best source to get information about how well the program funds students.

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