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Petroleum Engineering Joint Programs


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While I'm waiting to hear from Texas A & M and IFP I can't help but notice that there is so little info on IFP out there.  Has anyone done the joint master's program in petroleum engineering and economics and management between IFP and Texas A & M or one of the other partner universities.


IFP sounds like a great program, any thoughts?

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Hi thegoat001!


Well, I did not that exactly program, but I did DEG program (Developpement et Exploitation des Gisements). It was a really nice expirience and a good opportunity to have an international view of the business. IFP School is well reputated in Europe, and during my stay there in 2009/2010 the group of seismic interpreters won a worldwide recognition, that sounds really good, isnt it?. As it is a joint program with another wellknown university in Petroleum (Texas AM) it is a good choice, you will see.


Wish you the best while in Paris!, you will enjoy it and you will learn a lot while in the IFP.



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Thanks for the response, I had the interview with IFP a few days ago.  I think it went really well.  It's hard to find people in the US from IFP, but whenever I do it seems like they have jobs that I would be happy to have :)

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Hi thegoat001,


I am looking for the same Texas A & M and IFP double degree Masters programme in Petroleum Engineering/Business and similarly struggle to find any contacts/details/information on IPF web-site.


I will be sincerely thankfull if you could provide the link/details.


Thanks a lot,


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