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How to make a decision between 2 different psych programs?


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Hi all, I love this forum and hope you guys can help me out here! I am currently considering 2 schools and programs that are very different, and I was wondering if you could shed some light/insight/guidance to help me out.


School A: counselling psych

pros: well known school, guaranteed funding, tuition covered

cons: thesis-based, might have to continue on to doing a PhD since it is kind of similar to clinical psych


School B: couple and family therapy

pros: very specific program, high rate of employment right out of the master's/ability to open a private practice, no thesis required

cons: little to no funding, smaller school (prob related to funding..), prestige of occupation?


I've never actually written a thesis - I've done only a couple of smaller research projects (not even papers) so I am scared of undertaking a thesis, but it could definitely be a challenge. I am just wondering whether it is worth it? My worry is that I will be misereble writing a thesis.

I am willing to spend the money on the CFT program because I see it as an investment for future earnings but the money school A is offering is quite tempting.


Any thoughts? My ultimate goal is to provide psychotherapy and one day have my own practice.

Mnay many many thanks! :)

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