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I have been accepted into the University of South Carolina's PhD program with funding and a fellowship nomination. I am interests are in historical archaeology, free blacks communities and the Melungeons, creolization, resistance and the cultural construction of race. When trying to choose PhD. programs, I looked for programs that were strong in historical archaeology, had a POI whose interests aligned with my own, and where I also felt I fit into the department. I did not really consider rankings. In many ways I felt that South Carolina's program provided one of the best fits. I am a bit about future job prospects though because while its MA program has been around for a while, the PhD. program is still fairly new. Can anyone tell me about the reputation of the program?

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Sweet pearl-I'm at a relative new phd program and at least one student under my adviser has gone on to a tenure track job after the first five years of the program. So I don't think it matters how young a program is as long as the reputation is there with the adviser

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Thanks so much! I was just slightly worried about future job prospects. My adviser has assured me that the people I want to work with are very well connected and known in their field. I guess I am just slightly scared because it is a new program. Also I am a bit hesitant because I did my MA at a school with a new PhD program, and the first few years of that program were apparently a bit rocky due to lack of faculty support and funding. I did not really consider these potential drawbacks while I was applying. I only concentrated on finding programs that I thought I fit in with. I have realized that I missed a few schools I could have applied to although neither they nor the other school I got into match my interests as well as South Carolina. South Carolina was my second choice (I'm waitlisted at my first). I guess I just have cold feet.

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