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Letting the school know your intention to attend the school...

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Dear gradcafers,


Though I still have three places left to hear back from(pretty sure they are rejection notices), I have finally made up my mind. Just so incredibly thankful that I have a place to go this year!


The school wants me to let them know my decision by next week. They've been so super friendly to me sending me kind personalized emails and all that. I want to return the favor and set a friendly tone in my email response... but don't want to go overboard. Could anyone give me a piece of advice on how to go about this? Is there an expected decorum of sort that I should follow? How did you do it?


Thanks. Congrats to all who are in and "will" be in shortly.

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I've been told that I am pretty blunt in my letters.


Dear Professor X,


After considering my options, I have decided that I will accept your offer of admission. Please advise how I can initiate the process of enrolment.





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If you've already got an email rapport going with the department, don't be afraid to be excited and friendly.  Something like:


Dear Professor Impressive,


I'm very excited and pleased to officially accept the offer of admissions to University X.  I'm looking forward to arriving on campus in August/September.


Thank you very much,


-Student Awesome J. Exceptional




This is also a great time to ask for a hook up with a current grad student who can give you advice on the mechanics of relocating, or any other questions you've got.


Congrats and good luck!

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