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Attend a Professional School for I/O Psychology? --> For career in org.dev/managment consulting


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Hello everyone,


I've read and re-read the stigmas around professional schools for psychology around the U.S. -- They are rumored to be "degree mills" who use students as "cash cows," and will typically accept anyone who can flip the bill. I get it.


What nobody seems to talk about is the fact that these schools emphasize a "learning by doing" approach to psychology. This is a concept that I find very attractive, and although I know professional schools tend to have tainted reputations, I feel attending one of them might benefit my ability to apply psychological theory.


That said, I have a question for you all...


I've recently been accepted to CSPP at Alliant (MA Industrial-Organizational Psych) and intend on pursuing a career in organizational development or managment consulting. Knowing that I do not intend on pursing a career in academia, does it matter which school I attend so long as I acquire a MA degree? -- In other words, do you think my attending Alliant will "hurt" my resume, and do you think I should take the time to apply to more traditional programs?


*Note: I only applied to professional schools because I felt their emphasis on applied psychology fit my learning style.*

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