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Stanford vs UT Austin (MSME)


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I have been accepted to Stanford and UT Austin for a MS Mechanical Engineering and need help sorting out my decision.


Stanford is not offering any funding, so I would be looking at $80k-100k of debt.  I have been offered a TA/GRA at UT Austin, so cost of going there would be minimal.


My goal is to go into industry, and location is not a major concern (I've visited both cities, and don't really have a preference in that regard).


I'd like to get your feedback as to whether Stanford is worth it (I'd be paying for the name, really), or if it's the smarter long-term decision to avoid debt and go to UT Austin.  I would especially like to hear from current or former students at either school, particularly if you have information regarding career prospects.


Thanks for your input!


And I'm sure a few will ask, so my stats are below.


University: 2nd-tier northeast university

GPA: 3.83 (overall), 3.94 (M.E.)

GRE: 164V / 164Q / 5.0W

Misc: NASA internship, ASME projects, school robotics projects

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