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So I've been admitted to the Masters in Development Practice program at both Emory and U of Minnesota/Humphrey School, and the International Development Program at Denver-Korbell School. And I'm waiting (with great expectations) to hear back from Brandeis' MA-Sustainable International Development program at the Heller School. 


Does anyone have a sense of which of these schools has better career prospects? Or are there any current or former students who can speak to any other advantages or disadvantages to the four that help make a decent comparison?

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I´m almost exactly in the same boat! I was admitted at both Korbel and Brandeis´ SID MA programs, and I am currently waiting to hear from the MDP from Columbia. However, my main concern is that I will only be able to get external funding if I get accepted at highly-ranked institutions and I am really hoping I get accepted in SIPA (oh, the irony). However, I`ve tried to make extensive research on these programs and so far the "most convincing" option for me is Brandeis. Not only is much cheaper than the other programs (tuition around 43k for two years if you go for the practicum instead of the advanced studies track), but the Heller school is also ranked no.9 in social policy in the US. Additionally, the location (Waltham, 20 mins from Boston) is more strategic than Denver. Now, this is just my opinion, it would be very interesting to hear from someone that went through the same decision-making process to hear their ideas. Hope this helps! ;)

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