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Is there anyone who got into SDSU linguistics?


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Hi, everyone! I am waiting for the admission result from SDSU linguistics program. I am really concerned about the result because it is the only school that I apply for ;(

My GRE is 750(verbal) 750(Math) 3.5W and GPA 3.5/4.0. TOEFL 91.

Do I get a chance to end up SDSU MA?

Please give me some advice!


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No one can really tell your chances with just your GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores; these are really given very little weight in the admissions process and your research, your statement of purpose and your letters of recommendation generally play a much larger role when it comes to admissions. Perhaps you could tell us more (e.g. undergraduate research opportunities, etc.) With that said, nobody can really predict what'll happen; you should probably just wait and see what happens! 


Did you apply to the MA program in linguistics there? The only thing I can say is that MA programs tend to be less competitive than Ph.D programs because generally they're not funded (and thus, less people apply!) 

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