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Jobs for Middle Eastern/Near Eastern Studies majors?


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It's this time of the year again. Less than 3 months till we graduate. I wonder how many of us are with a job offer/offers now. I am a second-year Master's and I feel that my major is among the least desired majors in the job market... Well, we all know that most good employers finished their university recruitment last fall. But for those of us who didn't get a job during the fall, we have to keep looking while writing our thesis, which is what I'm doing right now. I applied to dozens of places, interviewed at several places but no luck for a full-time position, I only got an internship at a very small company (less than 50 people). There might be a chance for permanent employment but it's too early to tell, I haven't even started working there yet, no way to know if they're gonna want to keep me. And the salary is pretty low, barely covering rent groceries and public transportation. 

Sometimes I wonder what if I haven't gone to grad school, for this Master's degree. I paid almost 80K for grad school. And even if I become a full-time at this company, it would probably take me 10 years to make that much money (minus living expenses, that is). Is it worth it?

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