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Accepted or Rejected??


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I really need help or feedback on this pleaseeeee!

So, my friend and I both applied to graduate program and he told me the school invited him to a graduate recruitment and open house after he got an acceptance letter. On the other hand, I did not receive any acceptance/rejection letter from them, nor the invitation to their open house. Does this mean I got rejected from this school??  Please helppppp!!! I'm kinda freaking out 

Thank you so much for your help!

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It probably means that you were not accepted as part of the first round of admissions. Therefore it might either mean that you've been rejected but the rejection letter hasn't gone out yet, or that you're on a(n unofficial) waitlist and you won't be notified of a decision until the school finds out how many of its admitted students accept the offer and hence whether or not they can offer spots to students who are on the waitlist.

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