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Should one retake GRE after Masters completion


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Hello all!


So I will ask the ultimate question here..should one retake the GRE?


I took it twice and decided to apply with a V-153, Writing-4.0

I have already been accepted to several MA programs, but my question is more geared towards the future...


After I finish my MA I will be most likely applying to PhD programs in foreign language or Comp. Lit, so


Does the GRE score really matter that much after an MA and significant research?


Especially for the higher ranking programs?


After taking it twice I can honestly say I am not that good at taking these standardized tests, so really trying to avoid it again:)

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The GRE often matters when it comes to admissions and funding, and for the kinds of programs you're interested in, I think a verbal score of 153 will hinder you in the competitive PhD process. I'm not saying that the GRE is a be-all and end-all, nor will the GRE alone get anyone into a school, but its importance depends on the program--and there's often not a concrete way to know just how important it is to a particular adcom (though for top humanities programs, I'd say it's important).


Do you think there's any way you could improve with a lot of focused practice? Some people swear by Manhattan Prep, and I personally found Barron's Six Practice Tests to be immensely helpful. The ETS's own materials and Powerprep are good, too, while timed practice for AW can make a huge difference as well.


Check this out, too: https://grediagnostic.ets.org/GREDWeb/gred/signIn.jsp

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Yes I actually used the 6 practice tests, took a class similar to kaplan or one of those other prep courses and my score did improve by almost 10 points but it is still only 153. If anybody else has any opinions about this let me know! I am going to an MA now and have already been accepted to a few programs but just looking ahead for the PhD future I would like to know if it would be really advisable for me to take it 3 rd time.

I am looking to get a PhD in French or comparative Lit for the PhD

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