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Where/how to visit?

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I have narrowed my list down to three that I am seriously considering, possibly four if I get into one of the schools I'm waiting on. 




Has anyone else run into this?


I specifically didn't visit schools this fall so I wouldn't become emotionally attached to any before knowing my real options, and now it seems to have backfired. 


I'm curious how you're all deciding where to visit and where to make your own trip. I'm lucky that my current job is very flexible, and my colleagues are supportive of my future plans, but it's still stressing me out. There is also the problem that I will not hear about financial aid to two of these three programs until at least the end of next week, shortening the amount of time I have to organize a trip. 


Suggestions? What kind of criteria are you all using to help narrow the list? 

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When did you hear from UNC?!  Are you a master's applicant?


Visits are so hard, especially when you have to pay for them.  I am fortunate that my parents are paying for my trip to what is probably my top choice but will not help with any others, which means I probably won't be visiting one that's further away and if I get into UNC then I might try to drive up.


I don't know which you've narrowed it down to, but is there a way to combine trips, maybe?

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