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GRE Reading comprehension hard quantitative questions


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Hi guys,


Those of you who have taken the new GRE will know that there are some hard quantitative questions in the verbal section. See below for an example of this type from the ETS guide.


Do you know which other study guides have lots of practice questions for this type? The Barron Prep course only have the traditional questions which totally threw me off when I got a really hard quantitative question like this when I took the GRE last Sep.


Thanks heaps!


And for those who have not taken GRE, beware of this type of question! I'd say if you're not prepared, skip it. It took way too much of my time.



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Manhattan has these types of questions (I think they're called critical reasoning).


Magoosh also has a nice lesson on them:




I personally think they're the easiest type of reading comprehension.  You don't have to read through a tiring, multi-paragraph passage (which can be quite long in the 2nd verbal section) to be able to answer.  The questions/answers are very logical.  Just read the passage carefully (make sure you understand exactly what it is saying and also what it infers) and check each answer against the question.

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