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Recommend schools with dedicated scientific computing programs / specialization?

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I'm interested in scientific computing, (numerical analysis, visualization, PDE's, modeling), and applied to these schools:


Rensselaer - Accepted

University of Colorado – Boulder - Accepted

University of Maryland – AMSC – Waitlisted (?)

UC Davis – Waitlisted (?)


University of Delaware

University of Arizona 

Northwestern – ESAM – Rejected


I didn't really know what I was doing in the beginning of my school search (or what I wanted to focus on), so I feel like I missed some obvious programs: Purdue, UW Madison, Minnesota, Iowa, UT Austin etc.


Can anyone give some feedback on other programs I should have considered? If my only acceptances are RPI and CU Boulder, should I choose between them or wait to give it another go next year?


I am a 'pretty good' student from a big10 school (3.4 GPA, ~90th percentile on GRE, great professional experience after school, good LOR), and I feel like I may have shot too high and too low in my application list. Not enough good match schools. Thoughts?

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