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UT-Austin Dual Degree (MPH/MGPS) or Harvard Ed.M. -Interntl Ed Policy?

Petey Mo

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Hey everyone,


I'm in the fortunate situation of having to decide between a Ed.M in International Education Policy from Harvard Grad School of Education, or an almost fully-funded dual degree from UT-Austin LBJ School and School of Public Health (Master of Global Policy Studies and MPH). UT would degree would be three years and Harvard would be one. Free vs. 65K.


I currently work in the non-profit sector in Texas at the crossroads of public health and education, with some policy mixed in there. I'd like my degree to be launching off point into a career in International Development. I'm interested in both public health and education, and would ultimately like to be in a leadership position through which I can oversee a programs across the myriad of challenges in int dev. I'm not even exactly sure what this job is that I'm dreaming about...but I think I'm on some track to it.


Please weigh in here. This is a tough decision and I'd love some input.





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