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Graduate School After working for some years


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Anyone have experiences applying for graduate school after working for a couple of years.


Here is my situation, I graduated couple of years ago from a top canadian institution. Unfortunately with a crappy GPA, 2.8, failed 3 classes. There is no excuse, didn't work hard, didn't study, didn't have my priority straight. Graduated with that only because of "natural talent of last minute cramming". I have since been working in the field of my study for the past few years as a researcher and published as co-author on  (not first or last, mostly somewhere in the middle of 10 names) 8 peer reviewed papers. I have reached a career block without a higher degree.


I would like to get into a masters program (science and engineering related) at the same school or equivalent, I haven't been really in touch with my professors for a while as I was not particularly worth remembering, I'm pretty sure I can get good recommendation from my current PI and colleagues. I don't need any type of funding from the school as I currently have the finances to support myself for 3~4 years (over 200k in savings).


Anyone have similar situation can share some experiences. My impression is that my application will be thrown into a garbage can just off the gpa. So they won't even look at my profile beyond that. What can I do to remedy this abysmal transcript?

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With your savings, you could elect take a few undergrad courses in your field, to support your case that you matured academically and are ready for advanced future study.


These courses need not be from your current institution. However, I would check in to see how they'd be viewed/valued by the institution you seek matriculation. 

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You can never underestimate the value of real life experience. The low GPA is not going to sink your application. I've been reminded that the GPA is just part of the bigger picture. Remember that review committees will look at all the required materials and evaluate how you can be an asset to the academic community. You have plenty of savings luckily.....one major worry taken care of.

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