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Cornell MEng VS Imperial College London MSc in ME


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Hi all,


I am an International student, expecting Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering this fall. I have received two offers of admission for now.


Cornell- I applied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering PhD program, but I was reject and switched to Master of Engineering program. It is a one-year professional program. I was told it is very rare to transfer to PhD program in Cornell. But I heard there is one who made it last year.

So currently no funding, though TA might be available in summer.


Imperial College London- I contacted a POI and he seems nice, I was offered admission after interview. We discussed the project for my PhD. Originally it is a direct PhD program, but, from 2011 They have a new regulation that for students without Master, I have to go into master program first.

Scholarship application is still under review, I was told to be informed the result by summer, so no funding currently as well.


80% of me would like to do a PhD, targeting to be a developer in fluid mechanics area..and in the industry.


Please help me compare these two in the following ways:

1. Professor and project (but it seems for Cornell, this is very unclear, so you could omit this item)

2. Reputation in Mechanical Engineering

3. Living Cost...It seems no doubt London is way too expensive than Cornell...(funding from family saving, I really don't want to put too much pressure finically) 

4. Weather, surrounding area, etc. 


Any share on the 1.job placement for Imperial College London, 2.PhD transfer probability in Cornell and 3.job placement afterwards would be very much appreciated.


You suggestions or insights are welcome!

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