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Is anyone else out there NOT going to reapply next year? Is anyone else thinking of dropping the graduate school subject for a little while? What I have learned most from this process is not in regard to what I should be doing to build up my "applicant profile" but rather what I should be doing to make myself happy and continue my own education--and that is not making happy the admissions committees who won't even bother to tell me I've been rejected while they've already decided their incoming class and are coaxing them in. I applied naively, believing in the worth of intelligence, enthusiasm, and sharpness of thought. But that alone is nothing, and no complaints on my part, just realized disillusionment. I was deluded and I have been put in my place. This does not apply to everyone who was not offered admission. Just to me and my kind. I learned that today I am not meant to devote the next seven years of my life to academia. Has anyone had this "revelation"? I have felt nothing but a pressing weight on my "spirit," pinning me down to my repetitive, unstimulating life. No admission committee is going to sweep me away with any heroic gesture of acceptance... that is clear... so what to do? Mexico. Mexico is my answer to a failed economy, to billions of dollars not one of which is going to my education, and academics who don't look twice at my current status as a thinker or human being. Anyone with me?

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