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Any thoughts / advice on GW Elliott Asian Studies VS American SIS Regional and Comparative VS Georgetown SFS Asian Studies (waitlist) VS UCSD IR/PS?

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Right now I have Georgetown, George Washington, and American in the lead for their overall IR rankings and their presence in Washington, DC.  It has been harder for me to find information regarding their reputations for excellence in Asian politics / studies, and I wanted to ask your opinions.  I know this may vary regarding my plans--initially I plan on doing a terminal MA focusing on China (with a focus on either strategic thinking of Chinese policy-makers and elites; or alternatively on strategic relations between China and India).  After my MA, I would like to work at a think tank / NGO / or even a business in Asia if I am not already working for State.  I could see myself returning for a PhD after work experience.

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I have also been told that it is a bad idea to do graduate school and undergrad at the same place.  I am not sure if this applies to SFS (No. 1 Master's IR), although George Washington's Asian Studies program is probably better - can anyone confirm or deny this?

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