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Well it bothers me for a while about which one to choose since I get these two offers the same day.

Jhu provides 24600$ a year and for 2years. While Cornell provides 12000 a year and the second year would renew,

I'm a foreign student that considering of the fame of ivy, Cornell might be a good choice. However I noticed that JHU have a higher ranking and Cornell doesnt have a so-high reputation as other Ivys. And about financing, Cornell is far more expensive than JHU.

So is there anyone familiar with both of the programs of these two schools and offer some advice? Thanks a lot on that!

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I'm an International applicant for the 2014 Fall MPA program.


I would like to know what you ultimately chose and why?


Asking because I have got into Cornell's MPA and I'm confused about the same thing. Go for Ivy league reputation or AU's SPA which has a better ranking and Washington DC location, but not much reputation in international countries.

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