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Teachers College Columbia University


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Hi everyone!


I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Teachers College Columbia? I got accepted into their Psychology in Education masters program, and am waiting to hear back from my dream program at U of Toronto. I know my chances of being admitted into Toronto are slim, so right now I'm in a dilemma about whether or not to accept TC's offer of admission.


First of all, their school fees are sooo extravagant! Omg.. I know Columbia is a brand name, but I don't think it's worth it at all to lose an arm and a leg to pay off the school fees! I've also heard some pretty bad things about TC on other forums... PhD students teaching classes instead of profs.. Unsupportive staff members.. I also heard that the Psychology in Education masters program would not qualify me to practice as a psychologist upon graduation :( 


Would really appreciate it if anyone could provide any information or experiences you have or know about TC to help me make my decision! Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I am in the program! I am graduating this May, but I have never taken a class taught by a Ph.D student. Well, My advisor is a Ph.D student.   ;)

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Have people found this program useful for preparing them for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at top 20 universities? I have heard bad things about this program, and was accepted as well.

I would like eventually to be a professor and see a couple clients on the side. I would like to apply again next round to clinical science programs, but I don't know if it makes more sense financially to just continue working in a lab and perhaps take a couple graduate level courses. 

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