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Best schools for Masters in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology?


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Hey everyone,


I am applying for a Fulbright scholarship to USA and I have to state my preferred schools. I did a Bsc (honors) in Biotechnology (4 years). I will be doing thorough research on schools once I am done with my GRE exam but any advice would be helpful. There are so many schools out there. I would like to be guided on where to start. Or if some one could just narrow it down for me or tell me of websites to consult, I would be really grateful.


Also, what score should I aim for on the GRE exam. I got a 155 on test 1 of the PowerPrep software. I did the test at 4 in the morning so I was really tired and since I had to switch 3 laptops to get the software working I was super cranky too. I think I can do better. I have two weeks of prep. The exam is on April 1 (cool date =P).


Lastly, (I didn't think I'd be asking so many things when I started writing, sorry!) which major is better? I am guessing that most of you would say MB for research/academic career and BT for Industry. Since I am from Pakistan and BT Industry is just not there so would MB be better for me? I would like to do a phD further on in life. Is BT > phD feasible? When I did my bachelors there was no specialization. I just learned everything about biotechnology from agri biotechnology to medical biotechnology without any particular focus and depth. Do you think that will affect my performance on an MB course? Would a BT be a repeat of what I already did in bachelors? I keep reading that its for people who have no knowledge about biotechnology. 


Any advice would be helpful. Thank you so much for your time!



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