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Considering going back to school for SW-?s


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Hello everyone,


I have always been interested in helping others.  However, due to my father encouraging me to go into a field which offered more money (which I hated and dropped out of anyway), and then other circumstances, I never followed my dream.  I am now considering going back to school for social work.  However, I have several problems.  First off, I know you can't counsel anyone one on one until you get your Masters.  What CAN you do with a Bachelor's Degree?  Also, the nearest school for social work to me is between 1 to 1 1/2 hours away depending on traffic.  I have a family, so going to school full time, with this commute would just not be possible.  Does anyone know of any reputable online schools?  I realize I will have to do clinicals, and that is fine....I just can't do the daily commute for 4 years.  It is going to be a HUGE stretch for me financially to do this.  It is also a risk, because I will be over 40 when I graduate.  Is it still easy to get jobs in this field at that age??  Lastly, which is best to major in?  I can't go for psychology, because I kjnow you need a doctorate to do anything with that.  However, there's social science, human services, counseling, social work,e tc....  Then there's the BS in science, BS in Arts, etc...  I'm a bit confused!

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