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Placement record of University of Florida

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 I am an international applicant and I have recently been accepted into the PhD program at University of Florida with a fellowship offer the first year and a TA for the next 3 years (I have an MA). My question is with regards to the reputation of the program in the field of English programs. I know it is ranked 52 on the US News rankings but I guess I need more information than just figures and numbers. What has their placement record been like in the last few years and those who have been placed do they generally get tenure track?


P.S.: my area of interest is posthumanism , postcolonialism and the subaltern. If that is of any help.

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This is a great question for the DGS, who will be able to get you the most updated and accurate info. Each DGS I have asked has given me an honest and clear picture about placement. One hint: if the DGS tells you how many grads end up in "academic positions," make sure you clarify if s/he means just tenure-track positions or all teaching positions.

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