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There's not a lot of action on here when it comes to the MFA Acting world! If anyone applied this year, has stories from previous years, or has questions for those of us who have gone through the application/audition process, please respond!


Personally, I just received acceptance from DePaul University. I was shocked. It was a top school and I figured it would be next to impossible to get in. Now, I am looking at the high cost and getting nervous about it. I have yet to accept, but, after weighing the pros and cons, I think it may be well worth it for the training and connections they offer. Please feel free to throw in your two cents.



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Hello, StuffedPepper! 


Well I'm not an MFA Acting candidate for this year and nor will I be in the coming years but I was in the past and boy do I feel like I have a lot to share about this area! I've auditioned for Yale in the past which was an experience let me tell you. And I also auditioned for the URTA program that goes on in January/February in New York City every year. Have you heard of the URTAs before or had experience with them?


That's excellent that you got an offer from DePaul University so congratulations on that! What did you like about the program at DePaul? I have to admit I don't know a lot about DePaul myself. When I was applying in the past the schools I considered were all over the board (Yale, Florida State University, University of Delaware, The New School for the Arts in NYC, Pace University...I know there were others but its escaping me at the moment). How much is tuition a year at DePaul and how long is the program? I completely understand the worry over money because that is a very important factor in considering MFA's believe me!  


I've heard a lot of mixed opinions across he board from acting MFA students and prospectives over the years and the cons that seem to keep cropping up are those that say they're stuck trying to pay back the crazy loans after school without finding the work they were trained for. That was eventually the deciding factor for me to take another track that I'll be doing this fall-research, teaching, and playwrighting. I don't want to discourage you either because if you think the risk is worth the training then absolutely go do it. I feel like MFA's are what you make of them. If you've got the drive to make it work, then you'll also do well once you graduate. One thing you might look at before committing is how the University's relationship is, or the department's relationship is, with their alumni and what success stories they have to offer. Is their alumni a pretty close knit group? Have they found work after graduation? Have they gone on to other programs? Do they come back to offer advice to current students? 


Would love to chat with you more on the subject. What other schools did you apply/audition for?



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Hi Reds! Sorry it took me so long to respond. 


I auditioned for both Yale and URTAs this year. Yale does make it interesting, don't they? No one in my group was asked to stay for the end-of-hour callbacks. At least we knew where we stood on the way back to out hotels! 


I am not sure how I felt about URTAs. I actually received three offers from schools that I met there, but will not be accepting them. They aren't bad schools, but I set-up private auditions with every school I was truly interested in (Yale, DePaul, FSU). The URTA auditions did not feel very organized and, since I already had auditions with my top schools, it did not feel necessary either. But you live and learn, right?


DePaul has an incredible program with top notch techniques and instructors. One of the acting professors just directed Ed Asner and Paul Rudd on Broadway. It is a small program and I am honestly shocked and honored that I was selected. I believe that is where I will be come September! I am still waiting to hear from FSU, but I have a feeling that, even if I were to be accepted, I will probably still go with DePaul.


I think it is fantastic that you have another passion! And why not do everything you love!? May I ask what schools you applied to and which you've selected?



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No problem. Yale certainly does make things interesting! I was the same way with that audition, no callback. Which I knew seconds into my audition anyway since one of the teachers who was auditioning me never once looked up from his paper on the desk. Or maybe he was texting on his phone, I'll never know. I found it a bit rude to be quite honest. But hey, you live and you learn as you said, and programs who aren't willing to take the time to see you aren't worth your time. 


The URTAs are definitely an experience too. My year it was all very organized and for the most part things ran very smoothly. Funny thing though there was a blizzard in Chicago at the time of the NY auditions and the organizers were freaking out because the Chicago auditions were after the NY auditions and I think that year they had to postpone them. That's awesome you got offers from the URTAs! Congrats on those! And if you think DePaul's your top choice don't wait to hear from anyone else. 


I was in a similar boat this year. I applied to two MFA playwriting programs (Indiana and University of Texas at Austin) both rejections and also two MA programs for research (Villanova and Illinois State) I got an official acceptance from Villanova and a tentative one from Illinois, but I didn't give the decision much thought time since I had a gut feeling about Villanova. So I accepted their offer of admission and also the financial aid package I got which is VERY nice for the next couple of years. ^^ I'm excited because just from the interview I did with the entire faculty I can tell the program is awesome and that I'll really enjoy working with everyone. Plus you get to get your hands dirty in just about anything you want while also having a focus for your graduate degree. 


So definitely trust your gut on these things! 

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Getting selected for MFA acting is a great opportunity to build a good career. Every one is lucky enough to get this opportunity. Getting the best acting classes from the best acting coaches can make us to become the best actor.

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