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MPM program at Georgetown


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I have got into the MPM program at Georgetown. The reason I applied for MPM rather than MPP was because I was looking for a 1 year program(since I have a MBA and 5 years of work experience) and was very impressed with what they had to say when I went in for one of the information sessions.

In my initial discussions, I was also told that MPM students would be considered for scholarships too.

The question I have is more on the recognition of this program on par with MPP. Is the MPM also a top ranked program or is it not looked at with the same respect accorded to the primary program(i was told as a MPM student one could take MPP classes and all opportunities available for MPP students would be available for MPM students)

Any comments?

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The impression I have so far of the program so far is that it is an ignored program at Georgetown - does anyone have any views/information about this program and its relative imporatance within GPPI and also perception of the program outside the school?

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