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Note that the FAQ states "The Clinical DSW does not offer any scholarships or fellowships. However, the University of Pennsylvania is committed to helping students meet the costs of receiving a Penn education through other means. Students are encouraged to apply for federal student aid and other loans to help finance tuition and living expenses." http://www.sp2.upenn.edu/programs/dsw/faq.html


One motivation for schools to offer programs like EdD and DSW degrees is it's a good way to make money.

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I don't really see the value in programs like this - what you can do with a DSW, you can probably accomplish with an MSW and specialization/continuing ed. I wouldn't fork out the money for a DSW; rather, I think it makes much more sense, if you want a doctorate, to get a PhD. Unless you have an extra $100k lying around, anyway. A PhD program will be much more research-intensive, but respected and funded. 

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Def have to agree with 2011...locally among some of the professionals here that I interact with, there is a lot of head scratching about the DSW and its need.  It seems to be more for people who want to teach social work at the university level and not much more than that.  Because it's not research funded like a traditional doctorate, it tends to lose some respect.  For teaching, I suppose it's useful but most people I speak with still consider the MSW to be the terminal degree.  

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