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Can't decide on a grad school! Northwestern, Purdue, NIU, etc.


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I was admitted into 6 graduate school programs for Audiology (a 3-4 year program)
Funding is a big deal to me but no one has officially announced funding to me but one school so far. 
1.) Northern Illinois University--  con: low rank, crappy city, 
                                         pro- new speech and hearing clinic, hour drive from home, was     recommended for a tuition waver +cheapest option
2.) Northwestern con: expensive with only scholarships, no TAs/RAs/fellowship options ever
                          pro: high rank, lovely campus, also close to home, on waitlist for partial tution scholarship, 3 year program. 
3.  University of Illinois: con-not as many research opportunities as I'd like, middle rank
                                   pro- short distance from home and my boyfriend, in-state tuition, possibility of an RA/TA position.
4. Purdue-- con- expensive, not a medical campus, out of state tuition
                  pro- high rank, went here for undergrad and loved it, know people, love professors, etc. Possibility of RA/TA/Fellowship
5. Nebraska  con: low rank, far away from boyfriend, friends, etc. 
                    pro: offered a $45000 fellowship, cheap, cousin goes there for 2 more years
6. Indiana University-- eh overall for me pro: close to bf, 3 year program
On wait list for Washington University (which I would love to go to with funding) and colorado.. but I didn't really wanna go there anyways. 
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