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Politecnico di Milano reputation


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I have admission in this university in Computing Systems for master. does anybody know about the reputation of this university in USA because I want to continue my education in top 20 us and I wondered whether this university is a good choice or not. Is there anybody here that studied in this school or has seen someone getting from this university to top 10 in us.

Thanks in advance

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I have a friend who graduated from here....Overall, the school is recognized within Europe, but not so much in the USA. But If your goal is to continue your education (assuming you want to get a Ph.D), then what matters is your research experience, publications, patents, internships, etc....This is what top 10 US institutions look at...So while you are at this university, try to get as much research experienece as possible, and try to publish articles in recognized journals. Also, try to patent new inventions. If you do this while maintaining a high GPA, I don't see why you would not get accepted into a top 10.


Hope this helps!

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