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MPH Applicants--Where have you heard back from, and when?


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Hey there!  So a ton of my deadlines were later (Jan and March) and I am absolutely dying.  heard back from Texas A&M, but no others. 


I applied for MPH, MSPH, and MS.  

What did you apply for and at which school?  And please let me know if you've heard back or not... trying to gage what's going on here.



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Hi! I applied to USC, UMichigan, BU and Columbia. As you can see in my signature, I have heard back from everyone except USC. I spoke to them a few weeks ago and they estimated 3-4 weeks so hopefully any day now! USC was my only school that didn't use SOPHAS, and I applied right before Christmas. As for my SOPHAS schools, they were processed and mailed out in mid January. Hope you hear back soon, and I encourage other people to share here also, as they isn't much information for us American MPH applicants on these forums :)

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Hey Kim!  It's true, I'm not finding many other MPH applicants.  I used SOPHAS, completed apps in mid-Jan and they were mailed out the last day of February.  

Congrats on UMich and Columbia!  I applied to both of those schools also :)

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