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While I seem to be a very lonely Wisconsinite posting on here, I'm sure there are and will be others with questions about the various programs, housing in each city, living, etc, so here's a place to ask!

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Sure, I've got a few questions! Do you know anything about UW-Madison? Unfortunately when I attended their open house the weather was just awful so I didn't get to walk around as much as I would have liked. (And judging from your handle maybe you already go to school there?)

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I'm a fellow Wisconsinite.  goldsti1, I attended UW-Madison for my first undergrad.  My degree was in education, so I do not know much about the Com Dis department there, but I love the city and campus.  The campus also has a  children's center which is great.  The city itself is your stereotypical "college town", especially the downtown area.  The campus itself is quite large, but it feels much smaller once you get used to it.  There are several distinct neighborhoods within the city that each have their own feel.


badgerina, I was also accepted to UW-Milwaukee.  I am leaning very strongly toward accepting.  The greater Milwaukee area is a great place.  Feel free to ask any questions you have about the campus and program.

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I know plenty about UW Madison!


Goodnight Hall is located on the far west end of campus, and the Waisman center even further west (so try to live on the West side, it's much nicer anyhow).  It's right on the lake, and you can't tell in winter, but it's on lakeshore path, a bike/pedestrian trail running from Memorial Union all the way out to picnic point and further west.  The building is small, and shared with another department (something with water and science). It's got a clinic in it, a lecture hall, and the offices of the faculty. 


I only know a few of the faculty since I'm a post-bacc (and was stuck with a few lecturers since one professor was on sabbatical), but the ones I've had so far were all very nice, helpful, and great teachers.  The Waisman center is home to the phonology clinic and other child development clinics, but I've never been there. 


The campus is located in the heart of the city, and fairly spread out.  It's beautiful, old, and they're in the process of improving it (the horrible Humanities building is being replaced, and Van Hise (the languages building) at well at some point).  It's got lots of green space, great for running, biking, etc.  Most bus lines stop on or near campus, so commuting from places further west, east, north, or south is easy.  Having a car is handy, but don't think about using it to commute to campus. 


The only think I've ever heard one student say is that it can be hard to get placements since there's only so many places in Madison that you can do one in, but I imagine if you have access to a car and can go slightly further that that would help. 

It was my first choice, but I'm waitlisted :(

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Lexical_gap, I accepted at UWM.  I only otherwise got into Marquette and Michigan State, and simply can't pass up instate tuition (darn money!).


I guess my only question for you is if you truly like the program, as I see someone on the results board didn't.  How is the faculty?  How is living in Milwaukee?


I'm technically from the greater Milwaukee area, but know nothing about the city.  I'm looking at an apartment tomorrow, know of any areas that are good, or any to avoid? 

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badgerina,  I personally enjoy the program thus far at UWM.  The faculty have all been very helpful and approachable  They have answer any and every question I have about coursework, grad school, future career path, and the profession in general.  They have all responded very timely to emails and many have their doors open for walk-in appointments if needed (though many prefer scheduled appointments).  I know there are some who feel a bit intimidated by some of the faculty, but that has not been my experience.


The student workroom is a nice space full of assessment tools, therapy games, activities, etc.  It is always buzzing with activity.  The downside is that the grad students and undergrad students all share the space so it can get a bit crowded during peak hours (ie- lunch).  The department has several labs which can be seen here: http://www4.uwm.edu/chs/research/facilities_labs_clinics_centers/labs/communication_sciences_disorders/


UWM also has a very active NSSHLA chapter with things to do every month.  If you haven't already, I would highly recommend scheduling a tour of the facility


The current graduate students have also been helpful to those of us in the undergrad program, answering questions about homework, guiding us through the grad school application process, and offering us words of encouragement / empathy as we try not to tear our hair out from anxiety.   


As far as living in Milwaukee, I'm in the suburbs and don't live in city borders.  Popular neighborhoods for students, young couples, etc. are the East Side, Washington Heights, and Bayview.  However, due to the popularity, prices can be a bit steep.  Shorewood and Whitefish Bay are both near campus and within a 10 minute drive.  There is also a student park and ride lot, which I use, free of charge to students.  It's a 15 minute bus ride to campus from the Shorewood location.  There is another location downtown.


Places to avoid: Riverwest, north side near Silver Spring, or the former Northridge Mall area.

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I toured the facilities last week and loved it!

I will also be attending, the only way I won't is if Madison takes me, only because I'd save myself a move, and my husband wouldn't have to transfer, basically logistics. I think I'll be happy at UWM, even if I'm petrified of moving to Milwaukee :)

I've got a couple of apartments that I contacted, but they only have a 60 day notification, so they won't know if anything will be availabe til later. Seems to be typical in Milwaukee; in Madison it's not. I had to give notice a month ago, and my lease is up in July :(

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