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Quant Heavy?


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What does this even mean?

I hear so many claims that certain programs are quant heavy.


What makes a program quant heavy?


Which programs would you say are quant heavy and why?

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I imagine this means programs emphasize quantitative analysis methods such as statistics and econometrics, and using data analysis programs like STATA.


For example, Georgetown is big about touting their required 3 course quant. methods sequence. I think it's Stats, Econometric Theory, and Econometric Application, but don't quote me on it. This probably entails things like reviewing descriptive statistics in Excel (standard deviation, r-squared, etc.), then learning how to design econometric formulas in Stata or another program like SPSS or SAS, and practicing application with real policy-related data sets in projects.


But again, I'm just an applicant, not currently in a program. I would also say I am heavily leaning toward Georgetown because of their quantitative rigor. I think quant skills make policy students the most employable. There was someone on the forum that was asking for "qualitative" programs, and I doubt those really give you marketable skills. I strongly suspect that if you want to have a job and make an impact in policy you either have to get good at quant. analysis or just get a law degree. Either way we sort of have to nut up, naw'mean?


I think a lot of incoming policy students are intimidated by the quant aspect of programs but almost all the policy and business programs I've looked at offer math camp, so they definitely understand that most students coming in don't feel like they rock at math.

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