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Contacting POI to ask about admissions schedule


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Is this taboo? 


I was accepted to a school that would like a decision asap and I am feeling some pressure to respond to their offer.  However, I am waiting for one other school...  I contacted this program's graduate admissions office a couple of weeks ago and was told that they thought the department would send out responses within a week.  When this didn't happen, I called again this week and was told this time that they weren't sure when they would be sending them out, but that it would be before April 15th.  The POI at the school where I have been accepted has said that just having a timeline for when I might be able to give them an answer would be helpful. 


So my question is, would it be inappropriate to reach out to my POI at the school I haven't heard from yet to ask when they plan to send out their decisions?  I have spoken with this person on a few occasions and they have always been very kind and helpful.  I worry about overstepping though.

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